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Working Songs - Pieśni Pracy (2017)

Theatre/ performance (2016/2017)        
For the second time Centrum Amarant's very own community theatre - teatr obywatelski, TO - will go on stage. This time, it will take up a topic that is extremely important and dear to all of us. We will talk about work, or rather sing about it. Inspired by the rhythms and songs of American "working songs", the workshop group will create, sing and dance to their own work songs. What is our job? On what terms and on what contracts do we work? To what extent is work an integral part of our lives? Do we love our job? Have we already "merged" into it and become one? Did we lose ourselves in it? Or are we rather its slaves? Our actions are an attempt to find a common voice, in other words: solidarity among us, working people.

Performers: Adam Dziewiałtowski, Bartek Tyrcha, Karolina Konstancja, Tymon Siejkowski, Monika Basiewicz, Krysia Lewińska, Małgorzata Cicha-Andrzejewska, Danuta Stelmaszewska-Zgoła, Paulina Miu Zielińska

Script and lyrics written by: TO-Centrum Amarant, Paulina Krzysik, Paulina Miu Zielińska, the www.


Music written by: Paulina Miu Zielińska, TO-Centrum Amarant

Directing: Jan Kühling, TO-Centrum Amarant

Premiere: 21.03.2017 @ Centrum Amarant, Poznań

Żyć po to, aby pracować.


już dziś

A jak nie, to co?

zginiesz marnie zginiesz marnie zginiesz marnie

Ale ja chcę żyć!Jak żyć?


To live in order to work

deadline, deadline, deadline,

already today, if not, then what?

you'll die poorly, you'll die poorly, you'll die poorly

but I want to live!

how to live?           

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