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My theoretical interest comprises a wide variety of research topics with a strong focus on the philosophical, ecopolitical, and social implications of contemporary performance art, aesthetics, and the ‘performative power’ of (un)making. In my research I try to understand, how we both 'do' and 'signify' through (non-)artistic performance our ways of being, our ways of creating community, and the experience of 'belonging to' and building a world.


A special focus lies on the interplay between performative processes and questions of ecology and the earth system, topics that I explored at large in my dissertation Anthropocene Engagement: an Aesthetic of the Performing Arts in a More-than-Human Age. Here I critically analyze the significance of performative mechanisms between human and non-human actors both within the new eco-political regime of the Anthropocene as well as in contemporary performance art.

Recent and ongoing explorations of these topics comprise a.o. the transscalar analysis of motion (Anthropocene Movement) and reflections on the productive and generative power of performance art and aesthetics within the concept of Generativity.

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