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In my artistic work, I am interested in performative processes that explore the aesthetics of the mundane, ‘small forms of performance’ as well as the interplay between human and non-human actors. Of special importance are the questions of the ways of representation and expression of history within the body and one’s individual and collective story. Therefore, my main interest lies in the exploration of forms of community theatre and the work with non-professional performers.


Sharing a long-lasting collaboration with the voice artist and vocal coach Paulina Miu, I have a strong interest in the (mis-)use of voice and song, both within the ‘black-box’ as well as in site-specific contexts, especially in (post-)natural environments. My work was shown among others at Malta Festival Poznań, Frankfurt LAB, Teatr Kana (Szczecin), Wegajty Festival (Węgajty, Olsztyn), Vougascapes (Vouzela, Portugal), Mullae Artspace (Seoul), and Munetik Symposium (Yerevan).

Besides my own artistic practice as a director, I work as a collaborator, co-creator, dramaturg, and facilitator with other artists, my underlying understanding being that of the importance of both collective processes as well as that of shared but distinctively different roles within an artistic team.


In my work as curator/ facilitator and culture maker, I focus on the interrelation of bodies and their environments, especially on the exploration of the idea of belonging and ‘home’ in a social but also political and ecological sense. Of special interest is, how those questions are also negotiated in a broader, transcultural sense, especially, but not limited to, the context of Central and Eastern Europe.  

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