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(2022) installation & scenic concert


Premiere date 07.10.2022
Further Shows 08.10.2022 / 09.10.2022

Kraftwerk – Oberspree in TransformArt (next to Spreehallen)
Wilhelminenhofstraße 83-85                              

12459 Berlin-Oberschöneweide

In times of climate catastrophy, how can an understanding of the human as an acoustic being shape our relationship within environments? Treehumana installation brings field recordings from Kurpie (Poland), a remnant enclave of the primal forest, where the tradition of forest-song first appeared (singing with the forest). People were communing with the forest using the reverb to create an echo-effect. Through time, the songs and culture have changed influenced by Prussian & Russian occupation, industralization, and electrification. Field recordings from the present Kurpie are brought to the post-industrial space of former Elektropolis. In this space amateur singers and Paetzold Recorder players apply the culture of singing in and with the environment to the former coal power plant. The installation invites the spectator to find their own pathes and (listening) perspectives.

Flutes and Paetzold Recorder Susanne Fröhlich (direction), Marita Gehrer, Carolin Daub // Amateur-Singers Agnieszka Bułacik, Ewa Brokos, Ola Zielińska

Artistic direction, fieldrecordings, concept Matthias Schönijahn // Composition, concept Wojtek Blecharz // Vocal direction, vocal performance Paulina Miu Kühling // Dramaturgy Jan-Tage Kühling // Costumes Nicolas Navarro rueda // Sound and light Constantin von Thun // Production management Péter Sanyo // Public Relations Mina Dordjevic // Musicethnological consultance Olga Stopińska // Translation Ewa Brokos

Funded by Musikfonds e.V. (Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media), Initiative neue Musik e.V., Bezirksamt Treptow-Köpenick Fachbereich Kultur und Museen

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