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And inside there is nothing...

(2019) choreography


Premiere date: 02.12.2019

Furhter Shows: 03./14.12.2019

Arko Arts Theater

7 Daehak-ro 8-gil,



South Corea

It opens for no reason. It serves no function. It breaths but it can be static either. It is neither object nor thing. What is experienced in this way is the very moment of growth. Leaving the safety of the inside, letting the overwhelming outside come in and grow. Once it is complete, one can see it from above - inside of it there is nothing but a heart, a center, a source.

And inside there is nothing but a heart is an interdisciplinary dance piece, based on the interaction between performance and visual art. What makes us move? - was one of the very first questions, initiated the work. Physical encounters between body and objects lead to action and reaction and become the source of choreography. While the body keeps exploring things and their physics, it establishes different situations and narration. The work focusses on different sources for creation of movement and choreography: from pure gravity and body weight, through interactions with installed objects and other bodies in space, up to emotional forces inside of the body. Smooth clashes between all those elements lead to gradual changes and transformation of the movement and the physical space, surrounding them. The space, constantly responding to what happens inside of it, similar to the development of the performers goes from small to big, expands until it is complete.

Co-creation Yejin Kwon, Lyoudmila Milanova // Movement Direction Yejin Kwon // Visual Direction Lyoudmila Milanova // Dramaturg Jan-Tage Kühling // Performers Yejin Kwon, Sanghun Lee, Lyoudmila Milanova // Sound Design Marcus Zilz // Costume Youngsim Sung // Stage Manager Sangyub Kim

Funded by: Arts Concil Korea & Goethe-Inst. Seoul

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